JetBet – free Betfair software for the masses – no degree needed!


jetbet-betting-software-screenshot-linkJetBet is our class-leading free Betfair software – it allows you to place your bets on the Betfair exchange quickly, easily and flexibly.

Uniquely, it will work on most computers – Windows or Macs are supported and because we’ve worked hard to make this a simple and clean interface you’ll be getting down to business in no time…….. Definitely no need to keep reaching for the manual every time you want to do something.

JetBet covers all the markets in Betfair, and excels when it comes to getting your bets placed rapidly and without fuss whatever your sport of choice. Anything you can bet on using the Betfair website you can do with this too – back and lay, adjust your bets and what happens in-play.

But on top of that are a whole raft of features that will turbocharge and optimise your betting – offset betting, graphing, weight of money indication and the ability to tidy or “green-up” your betting.

We are so confident that you will want to buy JetBet that we will let you try it for as long as you want…. for free! Yes, really – this is free Betfair software! And once you realise how much easier your life is with this helping you place your bets we are sure that you will want to spend the few pounds it takes to unlock to the full premium version.

JetBet quick tour link

This link will open a Youtube video in another window. This is just a quick look at the basic functions within Jetbet. Check out the other tutorial videos on the JetBet site to learn about some of the more in depth functions and how they can help you. You can access the videos on this page: Video Tutorials


Horse racing software

If you want a Betfair bot to help you bet in horse races, JetBet is ideal – you can use it to watch prices move graphically, see where the weight of money is and place bets quickly in-play.


Football software

Use JetBet to easily move between football (or soccer if you prefer) markets and get your bets placed – it’s great if you’re into football betting and need some software to give you the edge whether in-play or before the whistle blows.


Tennis betting software

If tennis betting is your thing, JetBet is the ideal software to complement your betting strategies. Trade out of positions using the tidy function, and place your bets fast with the one-click interface.


Dog racing software

JetBet is difficult to beat when it comes to some software to get your dog racing bets on in a flash. Use the offset functions, follow the graphed prices on each dog and stack as many bets up as you want.

green-up-betfairOne click will “Green-up” or equalise you position across a market
betfair_tradingWant to get into Betfair trading? This is an easy way to start
real-time-betfair-graphWatch real-time prices and weight of money for each selection simultaneously
one-click-bettingFor total speed, turn on the one-click betting function
australian-bettingNavigate the Australian Betfair markets separately, and see your AUD wallet


JetBet may be easy to use but it’s still packed full of features to help you get the best out of betting on Betfair – have a look at the features page and you can see what you’re able to do. Alternatively, check out the videos on the video tutorials page, where you can also download the PDF manual.


Mac betting software

Windows betting software

JetBet is cross-platform supported, so no matter what computer you use you can be sure that it will run smoothly without the need for an emulator. You don’t even need to hunt around for the different files to install – one install works on any machine!

We know that in particular Macs have been ignored for a long time – which is why we try to ensure that all of our software works as well on a Mac as it does on a PC.

How do I get it? Does it cost anything?

You can download JetBet completely free by filling in your details below. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR BETFAIR EMAIL EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS IN YOUR BETFAIR ACCOUNT including any UpPer oR lOWerCaSE letters. This will give you access to the free version of JetBet. You can use this for as long as you want – and if you like it then we hope that you will want to upgrade to the premium version which removes the ad-banners and also takes off the (generous) monthly bet limit. You can see all of the options on the below for monthly or annual subscriptions.

You can upgrade at any time – the premium version costs £8 per month and comes bundled with one of our other products LastMinuteBot, completely free!

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