Steamers and Drifters Horse Racing Software System – Steamerbot

Steamerbot is a revolutionary automated betting system that allows you to track which horses move the most in the lead-up to a race – either down in price “Steamers” or up in price “Drifters”. You can decide the strategy you use to attack this potentially lucrative area of the market by customizing the betting bot parameters that Steamerbot uses to place it’s bets…..

Never miss a race! Steamerbot is always watching to make sure if the opportunity is there, your bet will be placed…..

How does it work?

Steamerbot is piece of software that sits on your computer and communicates with the Betfair website. Depending on the settings that you have applied, it will look at the odds available at a certain point before a horse race, and then again nearer the off – it then compares the two to find the the biggest Steamer, biggest Drifter or both. It will do that for every race throughout the day without you needing to be anywhere near it – you can even go on holiday and it will carry on without you!

You can set up:

  • Stake
  • Back or Lay
  • Market (Win, Place, or % split between the two)
  • Advanced rules for bet placement
  • Minimum / maximum odds movement required
  • Odds range to bet in
  • Time to first check – T1 (Either a time of day or mins before a race)
  • Second time to check – T2 (Either a time of day or secs before a race)
  • Green-up just before the off!
  • Stop Loss or Profit Lock-in for the day
  • Save your settings with the new settings manager

Steamers and drifters are independently controlled so you can have completely different settings for each. Use the training mode to test strategies without staking any real cash.


Watch the video demo!

Here’s a quick look at Steamerbot and what it does. You can find more videos in the tutorials section to help you hone your strategy! There is also a comprehensive manual available to download to get to grips with all of Steamerbot’s features.


Setting up Steamerbot for Steamers and Drifters

We always make sure that our software is easily understandable, and Steamerbot is no exception despite it having a very powerful set of controls. Even if you haven’t had any experience with automated systems before, we’re confident you’ll get to grips with this in no time…… Check out the screen shot below and see how in just a few steps you can set up your very own strategy, and then set it going on autopilot!


In the screenshot above, we are setting up the Steamers section. The Drifters section is exactly the same but you can have completely different settings in there – you can choose just to do Steamers, just to do Drifters or do both at once to have two strategies going in parallel if you like!

Step 1. Set your Stake

Choose whether your stake is going to be a cash value or a percentage of bank. Then decide whether you want to Back or Lay the Steamers. If you are backing, you can choose Target Profit – which means it will aim to earn the amount you have in the stake boxes. If you are laying, you can choose Target Liability which will limit your exposure to your set stakes. You can also use it in training mode so it doesn’t stake any real cash.

Step 2. Choose the Market to place your bets in

Steamerbot always looks at the prices in the win market to calculate movements, but can place your bets in very flexible ways and you can choose them in this section. You can have your bet placed in the win market, the place market, a percentage split between the two, or even using a special rule allowing you to order the bet in different ways dependent on the odds. This is dealt with in more detail in the videos and instructions.

Step 3. Set your odds preferences

You tell Steamerbot what the percentage level of “Steaming” needs to have occurred for your bet to get placed – you can also set boundaries on the odds range that it should use when placing the bet. There are advanced options available in this area too – you can choose whether to bet on the biggest steamer in your odds range, not to bet if there was a bigger steamer outside your odds range or to bet on all steamers that meet your criteria.

Step 4.  Choose your timings

Steamerbot compares the prices of horses at two points in time to be able to determine the movements, and this is where you can choose those times. The first time it looks (T1) can either be fixed, like say 13:00 or floating, for example 30 minutes before each race. The second time (T2) can also be either fixed or the number of seconds before the post time you want it to look  – it will do all the calculations instantly at that point and place a bet based on your settings.

You can also optionally choose to green-up before a race starts automatically. Let’s say you’d set the times as T1 of an hour before the off an T2 of 120 seconds to the off – you might want to trade out of your position at 10 seconds to the off if you think that would lock in some profit.

Step 5. (Optional) Set stop limits

If you are going to be leaving Steamerbot to its own devices, you have the option of being able to set stop limits – when it will stop placing bets for the day. This can either be locking in a certain amount of profit or stopping loss at a certain level. Just tick the boxes to activate them.

Click GO!

It’s a simple as that – you’ve set up Steamerbot. Now you can choose whether or not to do it all again but for drifters.

Price Movements on each race

Once you’ve sorted the settings, all the action moves on to the races tab – it’s here that Steamerbot does all of its work and shows you whats going on.

Here you can see the races down the left hand side and what the status is of all the price collection times. You can use the tickboxes to delect races if there are any in particular you want to avoid.

Next to that in the main window is the information on each race – you can see the T1 and T2 for each horse both on the Steamer and Drifter lines, and also the percentage movement calculated by looking at these prices.

Over on the right are the boxes that tell you what Steamerbot has done – boxes show Steamer win and place market bets, and Drifter win and place market bets. There is also a message box – if no bets were placed, it will tell you why (for instance not enough movement, outside odds range etc).

See your results

Check out how you did on Steamerbot’s graphs – there’s one for today’s bets and another for all historic bets. You can also export the information for further analysis.


So how do I get it?

Easy – go to the purchase page and fill in your details. After being taken to our Paypal page for purchase you can download it instantly and start using it. And as an added bonus, Steamerbot will work on any machine – so whether you have a PC or Mac Steamerbot will be just as at home on either of them. We hope you enjoy it!

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