Tipping software for the professional tipster


tipstersuite-tipster-softwareTipstersuite is Stakesoft’s premier software package for the professional tipster.

It allows you to automate the process of your clients receiving and placing bets on your tips quickly and easily, and is a great way of boosting your revenue by offering a premium service that is far more valuable to your clients than simply the standard email / SMS communications route.

What is it and how does it work?

Tipstersuite is a package customized to you dependent on your requirements and the type of tips you offer, but fundamentally revolves around 2 core pieces of software – the Admin panel (which you use to select tips and conditions relating to those tips if required) and the Client bot, which automatically downloads your selections and places them on the Betfair exchange.

The client can have as much control as YOU want with regard to altering bet conditions – but the fundamental premise is that the bets can be placed by their software automatically, without needing to be sat in a bookies or in front of a computer.

This is a huge opportunity for you to offer something different in the marketplace and/or up-sell to your existing clients. The added value is clear, and once you see just how easy it is to use you’ll wonder why you haven’t been making this extra money before now………

Here is a typical scenario:


And that genuinely is how easy it is. We pride ourselves on making software that is very easy to use but still powerful and robust. Maybe you want to take a quick look? Here’s a video of a sample Admin tipster to show you what kind of thing we can do and how easy to use it is. You’d get full training and support of course, but we’ve made it so we doubt you’d ever need to look in the manual!

Tipstersuite allows you the tipster to:

  • Select any bet in the Betfair market place
  • Advise Back/Lay bets
  • Advise stake points level based on bank/profit
  • Determine range of odds for bet qualification
  • Adjust time before event to place bets
  • Adjust persistence of bet and whether to keep in-play
  • Do just about anything else you can think of!

These selections are uploaded at the click of a mouse to a secure server to be distributed out to your subscribers via the accompanying client software. One thing though – please don’t see this list as being finite with regard to capabilities…. we have years of experience in automating tipsters’ requirements so if you can think it, we can make it happen (and probably already have). As an added benefit of automation, you can choose to shield your tips from your clients until the last moment – so they can’t be sold on or redistributed  in anyway, protecting the value in your service.

In addition to the tipping aspect, Tipstersuite’s admin functions allow you full control over your subscribers’ authorisations, payments and logins to make sure you can deal with your clients in a timely, efficient and professional manner. And of course, it will still handle all your standard SMS and email communication for those who don’t want the client software.

From the client’s perspective:

Your subscribers / followers will receive a fully functional software client bot branded to your specifications and automatically set up to look for and download your selections – this happens continuously, so you can add (or remove) selections whenever you want and your clients will receive them as quickly as you require.

As part of the specification process with us, you will also be able to tell us what level of control you would like your clients to have over the selections they receive. By way of example, the controls in their client software might include:

  • Stake (and whether this is % of bank, target profit etc)- clients always have full control over their stake but you can advise points and stake a type of staking.
  • Ability to override the odds range you have advised
  • Ability to override time of bet placement
  • Ability to override whether the bet is at the market price or to take BSP
  • Automatic stop up / down based on profit or points made.

Again though – we can do just about ANYTHING with this, so let your imagination loose and we will make it happen.

All of our software will work on any platform, so it doesn’t matter if your clients have PCs or Macs so you won’t be restricting yourself to only part of the potential marketplace. We will also seamlessly update the Tipstersuite installs on both your admin side and the client’s side whenever required so you can rest assured that your software and service will run on-time every time.

As part of the Tipstersuite package, we can also offer to set up and and administrate as much of the “back-office” work as you require – this might include any amendments to your website, integration into your existing membership systems (like aMember), advertising, social media marketing, affiliation management and more. We even have our own custom Paypal integrated membership system we can set up for you. Drop us a line and find out what we can do to expand your business!

Here is a typical simple client bot set up for greyhound racing – as you can see, input from the client is minimal and use is as easy as clicking start:

Would you like a demo version?

We have created a trial version that allows you to experience how things work from both the Tipster’s perspective and also what the client would see. This specially prepared “pair” of applications is just one example of how things might work – your requirements can be altered to suit your service’s needs. If you would like to receive the no-obligation demo please phone the office as we need to set you up on our administration database for the software to function.