Formbet and Formbet Lite Services Tipster Bot – Case Study

Dave  approached us regarding creating a bot to automate his tipster service. In this instance he had developed quite a complex strategy targeting various bets within a specific market, with differentiation of staking methods.

Having previously used a large excel spreadsheet (as seen below) to identify all bets he was looking for a standalone bot that would remove as much human input as possible, streamlining the whole process. After presenting Stakesoft with the details of the service he offered it was agreed that the Tipstersuite package could be tailored to meet his needs, providing a complete software solution.

Dave’s old spreadsheet


After much discussion two software packages had been produced; the first, a bespoke piece of software for the use of a set number of valued clients,  integrating just under  20 market variables in order to analyse the exchanges in greater depth. Below is a screenshot of the software produced, showing each possible aspect of selection variables.

FormBet Settings Tab

FormBet Results


The above screenshots go to show just how far customization is possible when compared to a standard Tipstersuite implementation – so if you can think it, we can do it….. although it’s not easy!

The second, a ‘lite’ version with the same basic functionality, but stripped down to allow marketing to a greater audience, taking advantage of the accessibility Tipstersuite provides.  The FormBet Systems generator runs throughout the day waiting for certain rules and value requirements to be met in each race. The selections are then uploaded directly to your FormBet Lite bot which runs as a standalone application on your PC or Mac. It places the qualifying system bets with Betfair and calculates all the results and returns automatically in your software.

This software ‘FormBet Lite’ does all the work for you (and is open to everyone), finding the best value, selective bets just before each race to give you long term profit growth. The bot will produce ‘on average’ just over 3 bets per day.

This is just one example of what Stakesoft can offer you. The service you require can be simple or complex, as long as it works for you we can make it happen. All we need is an outline of what you would like the software to be able to offer, then we can arrange a way for your tipping service to be streamlined via a piece of bespoke software.

As part of the Tipstersuite package, we can also offer to set up and and administrate as much of the “back-office” work as you require – this might include any amendments to your website, integration into your existing membership systems (like aMember), advertising, social media marketing, affiliation managment and more (In this instance, the client already had a well established reputation, therefore, no need for us to take over any of this work). We also have our own custom Paypal integrated membership system we can set up for you. Drop us a line and find out what we can do to expand your business!